PR services


Strategic Communications

We are a boutique Public Relations firm offering tailored and targeted communications strategies for our clients to give them the right publicity through the most effective channels. We have created well-thought out results-driven campaigns for international brands from different industries, who want to grow their business and tap into the Asian market. The Chrysler Communications magic touch gives our clients curated publicity in the right market for success in their businesses.


Media Relations

We have an extensive network of journalists, producers and editors in major national and international media outlets in the Asia Pacific region. We have worked hard to establish these longstanding relationships, and pride ourselves on our professionalism.

For ‘social’ media, we know how to select the right audience to share your product news with—bloggers, new media influencers, tastemakers, trendsetters and consumers need to be engaged collectively for targeted relationship-building strategies. We have our eye and hand on the digital pulse to gather insights about conversations in online communities that are relevant to your industry. We use market and trends analysis to communicate, and know how to customise your story so it’s a good fit to your niche audience.

When issues arise, you need someone who is calm, collected and knowledgeable enough to navigate through key people and stakeholders. Chrysler Communications is experienced in managing unexpected situations along the PR path.


Reputation Management

Managing and creating an accurate public perception for an individual or an organisation is an art. At Chrysler Communications, we have mastered the art of reputation management. Our philosophy of “not all publicity is good publicity” goes into the foundations of what our company believes in—brand integrity and transparency over popularity for saying something out of the ordinary. Today, all it takes is 140-characters to make you either famous, or notorious. Chrysler Communications can navigate you through the digital and real world to highlight and build your profile as an influencer in your industry. We believe in engaging with your audience in an authentic manner.


Brand & Third Party Partnerships

Connecting is key for us at Chrysler Communications. To ensure the most successful outcomes of our PR campaigns, we regularly use our expertise and wider network to help our clients establish partnerships and collaborations with brands and third parties to the greatest effect. For existing relationships, our strength is in our ability to leverage each other’s capabilities for an ultimate win-win situation to benefit all parties.


Media Training

The media is an immensely powerful tool for any leader to send his or her message—but if you are unprepared for tough questions or don’t know how to balance hard and soft facts, it could be seriously harmful to your company’s image. Chrysler Communications will train you to send the right message to the media during interviews and prepare you to answer the really tough, off-the-cuff questions with confidence. It is not always about what you say, but how you say it.


Social Impact

Chrysler Communications believes in giving back to the community through our pro-bono work with non-profit organisations. We have partnered with the Happy Hearts Fund for our social impact initiative.

Happy Hearts Fund (HHF)  is a non-profit organization that envisions every child in Indonesia has access to education by attending safe and earthquake-resistant schools. Founded by model, Petra Nemcova in 2005, the funds mission is to rebuild safe, resilient schools in areas impacted by natural disasters. To date, HHF has benefited more than 99,500 children and 613,000 community members, and has presence in 10 countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, Mexico, United States, Chile, Colombia, Haiti, Philippines, and Nepal and has rebuilt more than 170 schools.